Wide Eyed

from LunetteVintage on Etsy

What am I doing here? Well, when I’m going through some big, usually coffee induced, life crisis my solution to everything is usually “start a new blog,” and so I did. You may know me from my livejournal (2004-2007), my blogspot (2006-2007), one of my various tumblrs (2009-present), real life or not at all. But I invite you to join me on a journey to chronicle the things that I like, and talk a bit about some of those things.

It seems fitting that for my first post I chose these Vintage Pierre Cardin glasses I found on Etsy. I audibly gasped when I saw the set, and unfortunately I don’t have the approx. $456.01 USD required to own them. But maybe your pockets are deeper than mine.

There was a metaphor in there somewhere about wide eyes and new beginning but I’ll let you come up with one for yourself.

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1 Response to Wide Eyed

  1. Alex says:

    What a well written post – excited to see what direction this burgeoning blogger decides to take

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