Book Club: Trinkets by Kirsten Smith



  • Trinkets is a YA novel by Kirsten Smith.
  • Kristen is a screenwriter who co-wrote important films including but not limited to 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde, and was an executive producer on Whip It.
  • The story is told from the point-of-view of three very different high schoolers (queen bee, new goodie two shoes, and the girl that wears all black and seems scary but probably isn’t) in very different styles (first-person narrative, poetry, and journal entries, respectively) who meet in Shoplifters Anonymous.
  • You can check out an excerpt over at Rookie (whose editor, Tavi, is hinted at in the book) or read more info at the novel’s website.
  • It took me less than 3 days to read this book and I am thinking about buying it so I can read it again.

This has been a book review. Kind of. Join me in probably 3 weeks when I finish the next book!

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2 Responses to Book Club: Trinkets by Kirsten Smith

  1. Lauren says:

    i wanna read now.

  2. I’m psyched you liked it, Annie. xo Kirsten

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