Art Crush: Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos is a Manila born, Brooklyn bred illustrator and designer I discovered where I have been finding most of my art crushes lately: Tumblr. I am in love with most of her work, especially the series “Comfort Food,” featuring tiny people relaxing at a waffle spa, sleeping on a bed of crepes, or taking a dip in a bowl of Cheerios. Of course I was extremely excited when she noted on her blog that prints would be available in her shop, and now am faced with the daunting task of deciding which one will go on the walls of the kitchen I do not currently own.

Monica Ramos

Also recently available is a print from her contribution to Oh Comely Magazine called “I Hate Selfies,” showing women in taking selfies in some extreme positions.  She states on her blog, “the irony of this is that I had to take a bunch of photos of myself taking photos of myself.” I guess sometimes it pays off to suffer for your art.

“I Hate Selfies” via

I’ve been staring at those selfies for a while now and I still can’t pick a favorite. I’m going to take a break and instead decide which Comfort Food print I can’t live without. And maybe eat some comfort food as well.

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