Another Post on the Internet about Lil Bub! Co-Starring her Bubuddies!


I’m sure you already know about Lil Bub, the perma-kitty from space/Bloomington and the coolest cat I ever met. Bub looks beautiful in this photo and makes me really miss springtime in Bloom. If you didn’t already think Bub was the greatest creature on the planet, check out Lil Bub’s Bubuddies, where Bub uses her celebrity and GIANT fan-base to “share various fund-raising charities, posts about animals in need, and info about rescues and shelters.” Cute and charitable. Literally the best.

I’m going to stare at this photo for a while and imagine that it’s warm enough to hang out in a bike basket.

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A lot of new music dropped today but after spending months drinking Code Red Mountain Dew and practicing my moonwalking skills in the hallway after lunch while listening to Justified,  The 20/20 Experience is the album I am most excited for. There are plenty of reviews out there so I won’t bother with another but I will say that the artwork is PERFECT and I’m glad I got it on vinyl (yes, you can get Justin Timberlake on VINYL) because I can’t stop looking at it. When the power comes back on I’ll be dancing around all night.

If I put all my rampant teenage fangirl-ing aside, my other favorite release today is Purling Hiss’ Water on Mars. I’ve been blasting the album in my car all week and can’t wait until I can listen with the sun shining (no thanks to you, Chicago weather), and the windows down. You can preview the album and order it over at Drag City, so I’ll let you do that instead of trying to describe the sound to you with words. The video above is for “Mercury Retrograde,” one of my favorite tracks on the album, and Mike Polizze’s striped sweater in it is almost as great as the song.

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Tune Town

I’m really into La Luz. Surfy girl group sounds from Seattle. This song is perfect for riding through the mountains on your motorcycle with your babe gang. Or doing laundry and dancing around your room. You can listen to their entire Damp Face EP on their bandcamp or get it on cassette from Burger Records and pop it in the tape player of your convertible.

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Wide Eyed

from LunetteVintage on Etsy

What am I doing here? Well, when I’m going through some big, usually coffee induced, life crisis my solution to everything is usually “start a new blog,” and so I did. You may know me from my livejournal (2004-2007), my blogspot (2006-2007), one of my various tumblrs (2009-present), real life or not at all. But I invite you to join me on a journey to chronicle the things that I like, and talk a bit about some of those things.

It seems fitting that for my first post I chose these Vintage Pierre Cardin glasses I found on Etsy. I audibly gasped when I saw the set, and unfortunately I don’t have the approx. $456.01 USD required to own them. But maybe your pockets are deeper than mine.

There was a metaphor in there somewhere about wide eyes and new beginning but I’ll let you come up with one for yourself.

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